The Tale of Snowbear

I’d like to dedicate this post for the inspiration behind the name of the blog, Tail of Snowbear. I can’t stress how attached I am to this dog which wasn’t even mine in the first place. It was both my Dad’s and my brother’s. But I eventually got fond of him.


I especially love teasing him like:
1. Tickling his ears and paws and just any part of his body. He’s ticklish like that.
2. Making this evil laugh while I give him some medicine. He’ll run away.
3. Making him go inside my parents’ room so that my mom will scold him.
4. Forcing him to go up the bed. It’s a bit too warm there, he doesn’t like it.
Yeah, I’m a bad friend to him. Pretty much a one-sided love. But I still love him dearly.


What I like about him:
1. He is pasaway. He’s a trained dog so he knows what right and wrong. As a puppy, he chews and sometimes eats on anything that comes his way from slippers to furniture. Just a month ago, he chewed on a paper bag. When I pointed at it, he goes on hiding.
2. He is a coward. He’s scared of anything he’s not familiar with.
3. He gets easily excited.
4. He sits in front of you to watch you eat. Well, he wants what you have 😛

tail of snowbear

I might be biased, but he’s not like any other dog. While most dogs love to snuggle with their owners, he doesn’t. I have to be the one chasing after him. That’s partly why I love taking him to the vet, he’s scared of them so he runs to me. 😛

snowbear dog

Moving on the the name of the blog, Tail of Snowbear. I thought it was witty. He had his tail chopped off due to an infection that might travel to this spine. Like I’ve said, he loved chewing on anything including his own tail. We caught it a little too late. I think he was 3 at that time.

tailess snowbear

snowbear golden retriever

Around a year ago, he swallowed some plastic, I thought we were going to lose him, but he somehow managed to live. So I thought he’d stay with us a few more years, ’cause he’s a fighter! But reality sets in, it was his time. I guess it’s a blessing that I wasn’t there to witness his last few breaths. But at the same time, I also wished he could have waited for me to go back home first.

snowbear chua

Owning a pet is like asking for grief. You know they’ll leave us eventually. But I guess you can still keep the memories…


  1. That last line really is something I’ve thought of too but isn’t that also the case with people we love and all of life’s experiences? They will all end. So the time we have, cherish it we must! Love the cutie patootie, rest in peace, sweet Snowbear, you are in our thoughts 🙂

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